An innovative approach to fitness.

Inspiring.  Effective.  Addictive.  D*FIT is an innovative boutique fitness studio dedicated to Personal + Group Training at home in a lofty old mill made modern for the athlete in all of us.  It’s simple…we want you to look forward to each workout.  We’ve created an inspiring environment in The Mill at Walnut Street Station in Montclair, New Jersey …just steps from the train.  From the team we have assembled, to the classes we create, to the equipment we use, to the amenities we offer, to the clients & students we serve…D*FIT is a studio with soul and a community dedicated to the Daily Sweat.

Your fitness program at D*FIT is uniquely yours & completely customizable.  Personal train solo one day and with 3 friends the next.  Add in loud & rowdy high intensity group classes or take it downtempo for mind & body movement.  Or, immerse yourself in a particular fitness discipline with our specialized Small Group Training.

D*FIT provides several pricing alternatives to serve all of your fitness objectives.  The more you invest in your health & fitness at D*FIT, the more you save on all you do at D*FIT.  When you’re not in studio, you’re not paying…no monthly membership fees.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Eleven exceptional Personal Trainers. Train solo or with up to 3 friends. Always the option to train with more than one Personal Trainer each week.

Group Training

Group Training

Over 55 group classes each week. Cycling, TRX®, Metabolic Resistance Training, HIIT, barre, vinyasa yoga, interval circuit training.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Eight-week enrollment in 75-minute sessions to immerse yourself in a particular fitness discipline such as Box*d with a USA Boxing Coach.

Kids too!

Kids too!

Daytime childcare in The Nest 8am-12pm. Mia Yoga ages 5-12 every Saturday. Personal Training available for your young athlete too.

Change Does a Body Good


Mixing up your fitness routine confuses the body and leads to better results …faster. Doing the same thing over and over and over might be a healthy obsession for a while, but it ultimately leads to boredom and falling out of routine. Your body will quickly begin to predict and conserve and those problem spots will persist.  At D*FIT, we challenge you to challenge yourself. Our Personal Trainers will develop a strategy to both confuse your body and keep your interest. Our Group Training Instructors will expose you to fitness disciplines you might never believed you had the strength for and wellness techniques you might never have considered.  But the core of our philosophy is you. D*FIT is a laboratory of new and innovative fitness programs created by us but shaped by you!


NEW CLIENT Unlimited 30 Days

Your first 30 days of Unlimited Group Training. Take as many classes as you like, day or night and back-to-back. Expires 30 days from your visit first.




The ultimate try-pack! Enjoy three (3) 1-hour Personal Training sessions plus three (3) Group Training classes. Expires 60 days from date of purchase.




Your first six (6) 1-hour Personal Training sessions at $65 per session.  A savings of over 35%.  Expires 60 days from date of purchase.




You’re now addicted. So make the most of it. Continue with 30 days of Unlimited Group Training. Expires 30 days from date of purchase.



Multi Group Class Packs

Simple. Savings. Same great selection of over 55 classes each week.  Expire 90 days from date of purchase.  Not valid for Floor*d.

10 Classes // $190
20 Classes // $360


Single Group Class

Choose any single Group Training Class from D*FIT’s schedule of over 55 classes each week.  Expires 365 days from date of purchase.  Not valid for Floor*d.



Expirations get you down? Then, a FIT Fund is right for you.

The D*FIT Fund is the perfect alternative if you plan on Personal Training, hate to worry about short Group Training expirations, or want to experience everything we offer at D*FIT on one package. The more you invest in your FIT Fund, the more you save at D*FIT. FIT Funds start at just $225 with service savings of 10% up to 33%. Your entire family can share select FIT Funds with perks & advance reservation privileges along the way. Exclusions do apply. Retail products, food & beverage not applicable.

Visit D*FIT seven days a week, 8am to 1pm for a tour and more information.

It's very personal


D*FIT builds a training program that builds a better you. While we consider everything at D*FIT “personal” training, nothing beats the undivided attention of Team D* on the training floor. We invite you to make it all about you with one-on-one personal training. We also understand that some friendly competition with a workout companion may be your best motivator …we call that 2D Training. Or, do you just need a little help from your friends? …then, try 3D or 4D Training. One dedicated trainer :: solo, with a partner, or as a team!

You will be training on state-of-the-art equipment at D*FIT | TechnoGym® • Kinesis® • TRX® Suspension • Jacobs Ladder • Schwinn® Bikes • Concept2® Rowers