alison modica

group instructor

How I Train

Awareness and intention are key to body control and focus of the mind. Form is at the center of performance and in (re)barre, consciousness is key! I strive to inspire my students to dig deep and get excited about reaching new heights. Small, incremental changes over time yield big results…take time to notice your progress. Smile and have fun!


by my family…they are my core and nurturing my home life is my greatest commitment and joy. Daily movement…ever changing, ever challenging. Eating a plant based diet…it rocks my world! It started with a basin bar cleanse and almost 4 years later I’ve never looked back. You can be a plant powered athlete. Gilead Sciences (day job). …and growth!


by the realization of how wonderful it is to get to sweat at D*FIT every day. Everyone who walks though these doors is truly fortunate. When I am challenged by a movement, a series, an intense experience I embrace it. It is just a moment in time…make it count. Breathe in…breathe out. If it was easy everyone would do it!


So many goals, so little time. Family first always. Take more vacations. Align to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to positively impact NJ (day job).


to daily, varied movement…(re)barre is my ultimate fitness pursuit but yoga, cycling, TRX®, strength training and the variety of classes at D*FIT are all essential to my fitness goals. I ascribe to the D*FIT philosophy…sign up and go. Consistency is KEY and appointment exercise rules. Take time to reflect on your accomplishments.


in fitness, Daniela and all my fellow trainers at D*FIT…such phenomenal people! My nana is my greatest source of personal inspiration. A top edict is that we are always “becoming” consciously or unconsciously. Be aware, be present, know what you are becoming and take pride in yourself. Make the moment!

my top tunes to sweat to



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