andrea evans

yoga instructor

How I Teach

I teach well-rounded classes that are suitable for mixed levels. The emphasis is on fun, flowing sequences with a variety of strength and stretch poses that work the whole body: standing, backbends, forward bends and deep stretching. I offer alignment and breathing cues throughout, and end with a 5-minute deep relaxation.


to be surrounded by trees and wildlife – I take a long walk with my dogs in the woods at Mills Reservation almost every day.


by remembering that it is always time well spent, and I will be glad I did it. Taking group classes is the easiest way to stay motivated.


to have cardio and strength training be part of my weekly routine.


to yoga and meditation.


by teachers and students who want to grow and develop themselves to maintain health and happiness, and who help other people find their way.

Group Training Schedule

Hatha Yoga Level I 250hrs
Hatha Yoga Level II 160hrs
Advanced Vinyasa Yoga 300hrs
Prenatal Yoga
Aerial Yoga. Level I
AFAA Personal Trainer