arin leard

group instructor

How I Teach

I would call my style fun and encouraging. I aspire to keep each workout different and interesting while practicing good form. I love an intense early morning workout to set up the day for success! I am interested in helping my clients stay well balanced in the body and mind to be strong and healthy people.


by nature. When I’m out of a run and I see a hawk carrying a fish to its nest or a fox run across the road, it is exciting. When I see the sunrise or the mist in the trees, its amazing and intriguing!


to be healthy to be able to care for my family. They motivate me every day with their love.


to focus on a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am learning to set boundaries and stick to them. I am putting my children and myself first. I want to simplify my life and declutter…mentally and materialistically.


to being well balanced…in the winter, I mix it up between HITT workouts, strength training, running and hot yoga. In the summer, its all outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, running, kayaking, swimming, and lake side yoga.


by my parents…they are in their late 60s and doing yin yoga, walking, swimming, biking, and playing pickle ball every week. They are in great shape and super young at heart. I love it!

my top tunes to sweat to


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