becky middleton

yoga instructor

How I Teach

Vinyasa yoga with heavy emphasis on core strength and lots of movement. I love to build a unique and challenging sequence that weaves in asanas to address the specific needs of each class in a non-stop flow. Let the breath guide and motivate. If the breath is labored, dial back…if the breath is smooth, push and discover new edges. Always check-in.


by my hilarious and sweet gang of four amazing kids. They keep me laughing, living in the moment, grounded and ever grateful.


by remembering that blissful feeling of laying in savasana in a puddle of sweat. Always keeping in mind that there has never been a practice I regretted, but there have been times I regretted not getting on my mat.


For the first time in almost 9 years I will have a few hours a week without a child at home…I am going to finish so many books. I am also hoping to push into a handstand from a wheel.


to a daily yoga practice, finding at least 60 minutes somewhere in the day to move on my mat and get out of my head.


by the kind and generous.

my top tunes to flow to



Group Training Schedule

500hr+ RYT
Prenatal Yoga & Kids’ Yoga
Yoga for Parkinson’s & Mobility Disorders
TRX® Suspension Training