cyrus erickson

yoga + meditation instructor

How I Teach

Creative vinyasa flow that focuses on fundamental foundation and alignment. I believe the breathe unlocks the true discovery and benefits of yoga. I’m passionate about sharing my journey from high stress, high intensity to self care, calmness and a relaxed state of mind and wellness. Pranayama breathing, meditation and inspiring stories are also incorporated into my practice.


by discovering freedom and joy through physical and spiritual activities that release stress and help balance life.


by the outdoors and travel – both near and far – and all it’s wonders, beauty, abundance, new cultures and their people. I am motivated by combining spiritual well being with a love of outdoors, bringing yourself closer to center, peace and calm.


to be my true self and let my inner child come out and play. I also have a burning desire to learn Spanish.


to my loving partner and our amazing rescue dog, Maddie.


by the beautiful teachers and coaches that have taught and guided me on my wellness journey: Anna Gilbert Zupon, Yogi Aaron, Mike, BPM, Kristi Rogers, Brian Clista.

my top tunes to flow to


Group Training Schedule

YogaWorks 200hr
Ziva Mediation