daniela costanzo

founder, personal trainer + group instructor

How I Train

Still believe in old-school supersetting. By targeting a specific muscle group, we up the intensity and strength-building. Always incorporating cardio bursts and full-body work to keep you guessing. Weight training is so critical for women, especially over 40. No need to fear the bulk…it is all a myth! Resistance training leads to lean muscle with an extended burn…and, ultimately, real results.


by just how powerful the word SORRY can be. It can take away so much sorrow, despair and unhappiness. Oh…and by the fact that I’m now 40!! I just don’t feel it but I know it’s true!


by living up to being the “d” in d*FIT. It is such a privilege to love what you do and to change lives through sweat. Each day I wake up wanting my next class, next training session to be better than the last. I still get those d*amn butterflies!


to stay in the moment, do more yoga (maybe someday a pain-free pigeon), to mentor my Team and to listen…REALLY listen.


to my StairClimber, great music, green juices, cool kicks, and claiming the biggest sweat puddle at d*FIT. My love of food & cocktails keeps me on my game.


by my beautiful, sweet parents. With so little they have done so much through love. By Kelly D…I feel so fortunate that from a spin class 7 years ago and her long list of talents, we were able to create our community. As I tell everyone, “she makes us all look good!” …and by Team d* who teach me something new everyday.



Group Training Schedule

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
Mad Dogg Athletics Cycling
TRX® Suspension Training
Kettlebell Concepts
Technogym Master Trainer
Corrective Exercise