felice bettenbender

usa boxing coach + group instructor

How I Train

Go strong and go hard, no matter what your level. I combine strength training, high intensity intervals, explosive power and balance. If we’re boxing, I emphasize technique and real boxing skills. Most of all, I encourage you to enjoy yourself…appreciate the strength of your mind and body working together, because it’s truly a beautiful thing.


by the fact that no matter how much we know, there’s always more to learn. The world is full of marvels.


by the reality that time will pass no matter what. I can do the work now and see progress in a week, a month, a year…or I can do nothing and just be a year older and in the same place. Which is better?


to challenge myself mentally, spiritually, and physically. It’s easy and safe to stay in one place, especially when life is already good. But if life is good, I want to make it better by examining myself and daring myself to make improvements.


to boxing! It’s a fantastic full-body workout, and it’s better than therapy. You never get bored …there’s always something new to learn or perfect, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxer. Who doesn’t like punching stuff?


by my strong, handsome husband. He’s one of the hardest working, smartest people I know. He has a clear sense of ethics and empathy. He truly aims to make the world a better place whether he’s in the office, gym, or at home with our family. He inspires me both personally and in fitness, because he kicks my butt in sparring and forces me to improve.

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USA Boxing Coach
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