haley fembleaux

registered dietician
+ cycling instructor

How I Ride

A mix of high-intensity interval sprints to get our heart rate up and endorphins rushing with steady-state endurance climbs. Confusing the body allows us to build strength, increase power and improve our endurance and stamina, all while riding to some good music!


by the power of genuine kindness, support and acceptance, by how contagious positive energy is and by people who remain true to themselves and to others. And by how therapeutic a sweat sesh can be. Connections between people and sweat…so good for mind and body!


by knowing that movement and sweat are therapeutic, both of which I am grateful for being able to do. A small step toward a goal is still a step forward. And knowing that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team, I want to continue improving and bettering myself daily, especially as one of the youngest instructors!


to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, to slow down and be present in each moment, to do everything with love and kindness, to lift people up and bring them happiness, to continue being a work in progress, and to volunteer abroad at least once a year!


to daily movement, to challenging myself for increased physical and mental strength, to my green smoothies, and to helping create happiness and positive change for others.


by Daniela, who has taught me so much both on and off the bike. By the rest of Team d*, who all prove that devotion, hard work, and passion pay off! And by my beautiful parents, who have taught me to live with a full heart and a tough mind.

my top tunes to ride to


Group Training Schedule

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