kelly coakley

cycling instructor

How I Ride

I believe in finding a balance in my workout on the bike. A long, hard, vigorous climb flowing into a downhill sprint to balance out the intervals. I love jumps. I love pedaling fast through jumps to make them extra challenging. It is important to focus on the core and think about the power it has on every single movement when you are on the bike.
by finding time for laughter every single day. There is really nothing that a good, hard belly laugh can’t fix. Every day is a treasure and should never be taken for granted. We are all capable of feeling amazing.


by TUNES! I have an obsession with music. I notice it everywhere I go. I am always listening and always paying attention…to every single song. I strive to have the most cutting edge music so that my riders can learn about new tunes all while getting a big sweat on. I want people to find the rhythm, follow the beat, work hard, get in the zone and burn mad amounts of calories. In the words of Bob Marley – “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


to always live the healthiest, most active lifestyle possible so that I can be a role model for my three little boys. It is critical to show them through example how important activity and movement is in order to achieve true happiness.


to eating clean. Always eating for nourishment, not just empty calories. Cutting out processed foods, drinking tons of water, waking up every day and feeling amazing through exercise and making the right food choices.


by D! She has changed my entire perspective on fitness. She truly has made me and many countless others realize that anything is possible and we are all capable of doing much more than we ever thought we could through exercise. That takes a very special, rare person. I feel blessed every day to be a part of what D has built at D*FIT. Also by my little brother…who has been selected among an elite group of athletes to try out for the US Men’s Lacrosse team and he is about 10 years older than all of the other athletes on the field. Anything is possible!

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