kristy schiano

yoga instructor

How I Teach

Yoga is for everybody and there are options for all asanas. I practice according to whatever I might need that day and teach with options: all are welcome to explore, connect and discover thru their yoga practice. My training style for triathlon and running is to challenge my limits safely so I can grow.


by life! Life is a gift, and I am most intrigue*d by always learning, growing and striving to be the best person I can be.


when it is toughest, by thoughts of the strength and love of my family. My parents have had very hard lives and are cancer survivors and thrivers. They are positive and have always shown me through example to always keep going and trying.


to complete my second year of 3 years of yoga therapy training and get a new PR in my next half marathon! I am also resolve*d to conquer a press to handstand and not just kicking up against a wall!


to staying healthy, well and happy on a consistent, everyday basis. I am most devoted to moving my body every day and sticking to the training plan for my races.


by so many people in my personal and fitness pursuits it is hard to name one! My clients and students have all inspire*d me thru their stories and journeys. My parents who have survived cancer to Miss Ernestine Shepard who is still going strong at 79 have all inspire*d me (and I hope I can be as strong as she is when I am 80!)

my top tunes to sweat to


Group Training Schedule

500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
Yr 1 Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
5x IronMan