lauren schmitt

personal trainer + group instructor

How I Train

During the course of the ride there will be fast but smooth transitions, up and down hills with bursts of speed that will require your full strength and endurance but, don’t worry, the music will make it all fun!


by the relationship between my four boys. They are each others’ best friend, team mate and opponent. Each one has a huge part in the development of the others’ life and I enjoy watching them grow individually and together. And…why can’t they keep their hands off each other?


by great music. When I get lost in the music, when it gets me moving to the beat, I can get through anything…and there is nothing like a good sweat. I love trying new classes and even feeling sore the next day, telling me the different muscles that I worked.


to continue to grow and learn in the world of fitness. To travel with my family. To read more.


to interval training. Interval training is what prepared me for my half marathon. It prepared me during my sport seasons and now, being a coach, I see it improves strength, speed and endurance. And family meals. I love cooking for family and friends. It is sitting around a dinner table where stories are told, laughs are had, and plans are made!


by what playing sports has given me. It opened my life to fitness. It brought out my competitiveness that makes me work so hard. It has given me the tools to be a coach and mother. And my husband, he is the best coach I know.

my top tunes to sweat to



Group Training Schedule

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
TRX® Suspension Training
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