mark aquino

personal trainer + group instructor

How I Train

My training style is to train people to be STRONG and CONFIDENT. It so important to me for people to understand what and why we are doing certain exercises so they can perform them to the best of their ability. I encourage people to perform not think about their movement by using Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls and Resistance Bands.


by the mom and dad who works a full time job, exercises, picks up their kids from school, walks the dogs and still manages to have quality time to ask about their children’s day during dinner! Those people are the real superheroes in my eyes.


simply having a life of opportunity…the opportunity to move my body, the opportunity to work and the opportunity to travel and help as many people as I can by doing things that I believe in.


to finding the best way to help people enjoy exercise. I am also keeping an open mind to find a path in expanding my education… I would like to continue getting more certifications or return to school for Masters Degree.


in my own fitness routine to “flow” – having a good rhythm during the entire session. From the warm up and throughout the workout I am devoted getting out of my mind and into my body by listening to the right music and choosing exercises that help me move as well as I can.


by my clients. I love the person who comes to me ready to make a change in their lives. I am inspired by the client who is opened minded. I am also inspired by the client who brings a “I can do it” mentally to every session.

Group Training Schedule

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Nutrition Coaching Institute

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