sheri peake

yoga instructor

How I Teach

Challenging Vinyasa Flow with emphasis on correct alignment, creating a class suitable for all levels. Start off slow to warm up the body and build to a fluid sequence that leaves you feeling grounded and accomplished. Always use the breath as the guide to stay present and maximize every asana.


by the clarity, creativity, and healing that we can tap in to when we allow ourselves the space to unplug, be still and just breathe.


by my love for challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone – that’s when growth happens…both on and off the mat.


to be the best instructor that I can be by always remaining a student myself. There is so much to learn and I look forward to growing every time I step on my mat.


to maintaining balance…in my life, in my body, and in my practice.


by my husband and our two wonderful children who keep us laughing and have at times been our greatest teachers. They are the core of who I am, and my greatest source of joy, pride, love and inspiration. They keep me grounded, grateful, and striving to be my personal best.

my top tunes to flow to



Group Training Schedule

E-RYT 200 Power Yoga
RYT 500 +
Children’s Yoga
Yin Yoga