steve lovecchio

personal trainer + group instructor

How I Train

I believe in full body interval training with a safe amount of resistance. Working on form, balance, coordination and flexibility will stimulate unused muscles, increase strength, giving your body its greatest potential.


by the power of positivity. How essential it is to surround myself with it and also to be that positive person in others’ lives.


by my athlete mentality. You need to practice more than the others to make the team. Coaches and teammates are there to help, but you must be dedicated to reach your goal.


to continue my fitness education to broaden my knowledge even more.


to proper form, increasing mobility and flexibility. After finishing collegiate sports, I picked up bad lifestyle habits and used incorrect workout routines, which caused reoccurring injuries and pain. Learning to train the correct way has relieved all my injuries and my body feels better today then it did 10 years ago…and now I have the opportunity to do the same for others.


by my wife Danielle. She helps improve the lives of so many children and families with her knowledge in Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis. She made me realize that helping others was the only way I would feel fulfilled.

my top tunes to sweat to



Group Training Schedule

ACE Certified Personal Trainer