Winston “Brode” McLaughlin

personal trainer + group instructor

How I Train

Stabilization/Mobility & Functional Calisthenics


by D*FIT! Coming from another fitness space that was so one dimensional, I’m intrigued by all of the different styles that d*fit offers and how they all blend together to make such a high energy atmosphere.


I’ve always had an athletic edge. As a kid I played sports without having to worry about mishaps and injury, or so I thought. I went from a high level of athleticism to having to work through injuries to fight my way back. I did it, and feel stronger than ever. I want that for my clients.


I’m naturally an introvert, but being in the fitness realm, I’ve resolved to being more outgoing so that I have the opportunity to touch more people.


My fitness journey has taught me the ebb and flow of how exercise works. I’m devoted to the lifelong pursuit of physical wellbeing.


by Jeremy Scott! I was initially drawn to the the way he combines functional exercises and healthy habits, but what’s inspiring is the results he achieves!



Group Training Schedule

ISSA Personal Trainer
B.S Exercise Science