tiffany loncar

co-founder, D*BAR + cycling instructor

How I Ride

My perfect ride is a long, steady climb with high intensity intervals and the magic happens when the music, the pedals, and the people are all in sync and loving the group burn.


by eating well and the pursuit of the perfect cocktail. We cook, we experiment, we explore, we eat, we laugh. Great food brings my family and friends together…and delicious drinks make everything better.


by keeping up with my three kids at home. Keeping up with the community at D*FIT. Keeping up with Justin Timberlake on the dance floor, should the opportunity ever knock. And coffee. Always coffee.


to do so very much. I’ll sleep when I’m retired.


I whole heartedly believe that strength and core training are essential to overall fitness, but I am devoted to the Temple of Sweat. It does wonders for my mind and my soul. Thanks to hard work, Spotify, and a natural gift, no one will out-drip me…ever!


by my hubster, Matthew. He fooled me into running my first marathon because I thought I wasn’t a runner. He ran his third after two knee surgeries and breaking his back. He cries every single time he watches the Ironman. Matt is deeply moved by human effort… and he loves his family. I am inspire*d by him daily.

my top tunes to ride to



Group Training Schedule

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