On-site parking, free of charge. Childcare in The Nest for peace of mind, longer workouts, some time to check email after class or grab a sip & snack in the lounge with friends. Commuter-friendly schedule just steps from the Walnut Street Train Station ...sweat, shower, grab your complimentary coffee & go!

Drop by 8am -1pm daily to tour the studio and learn more.

At d*FIT…it’s simple. We want you to enjoy going to the gym. In fact, we believe you will look forward to it. d*FIT has created an inspiring environment in The Mill at Walnut Street Station in Montclair…a studio with soul. From the equipment we use, to the classes we create, to the team we have assembled, to the amenities we offer, to the clients & students we serve. …and, it’s all to a kickin’ playlist!

Why is d*FIT different? Your program is yours & customizable …personal train one day, take a loud and rowdy group class the next, or small-group it for greater intensity …all on the same package. The more you invest in your health & fitness at d*FIT, the more you save on all you do at d*FIT.